Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wake-Me-Up Wednesday

With the release of my new historical, paranormal Viking romance, THE TEMPERATE WARRIOR, I decided that I would post some of my favorite lines from the book, spoken straight from the hero's mouth.

As you may already know, Gustaf Ræliksen is the older brother of Dægan from the first book (Ræliksen) of the Emerald Isle Trilogy. While Dægan was known for his bold charm and his talent with words, Gustaf is the kind of guy who doesn't always know what to say. Often times, he lets his actions speak for himself.

However, on rare occasions he gets a few good words in. Below are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

Taken from The Temperate Warrior:
"Dying a thousand deaths in my head to protect you is better than losing you one time in the flesh."

“Everything I am is invested in you. There is naught you have ever done or will do that will make me love you less."

“I am most willing. As long as it makes you happy. For the rest of my life, I will do whatever it takes to ensure it. As my wife, you will not want for anything. What you desire, I will provide.”

“If you truly trusted in the love I have for you, you would have never thought that I would want another woman in my bed. I know you were only granting your permission because you loved me enough to give me an heir, but I failed to make you realize that only you can fill my heart with joy. Only you can satisfy my every need. Only you, Æsa. Only. You.”

“If my brother, Dægan, was still alive to herald this moment, I know he would have something poetically moving to say. But where I lack in speech, I make up for in determination. Let my actions speak for themselves, for I will have my vengeance. As the last living son of Rælik, I will defend my father’s honor and uphold his noble name. Rally the men for council—my Æsa needs me.”

The Temperate Warrior
Book One of the Warrior Sagas
By Renee Vincent
(December 2012)
Turquoise Morning Press
ISBN (Print): Coming Soon...
ISBN (Ebook): 9781622370924

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