Saturday, March 16, 2013

Check Out My Live Radio Interview!

The gracious and very personable Brian Thomas from 55KRC radio just interviewed me yesterday morning at 7:40 am. I'm not sure if any of you were up that early to catch it, but if you weren't - no worries! I have the entire interview right here for your enjoyment.

I am also giving away an autographed paperback copy of RÆLIKSEN from the radio station. All you have to do is go to their website HERE and enter in your email address where prompted and register your name and address (only in case you win so they can send you the book.)

*Just make sure that you specify which book you are registering to win: Raeliksen by Renee Vincent.

Giveaway ends March 29, 2013


Nicole Laverdure said...

Hi Renee, I loved your interview! At first, I felt your voice shaking a little but as soon as you started talking about your books, you were ok. It was interesting to hear your voice, you seem a shy person! I made DH listen and he laughed a little when he heard "anything for men to read" . He knows about your trilogy.
have a beautiful week!could not participate to win your book, because it is too far away!

Amy Jarecki said...

Nice, Renee, you sounded AWESOME!