Monday, February 22, 2016

EMERALD ISLE TRILOGY Boxed Set on sale for only 99¢

Reg Price: $7.99  Now only $0.99

One man risks his life to save her.
Another risks his heart to love her.
Who will be the victor?

Three of Renee Vincent’s bestselling and critically acclaimed historical Viking romance novels are now available in one spellbinding bundle! Full of fast-paced adventure, unforeseen plot twists, and courageous, to-die-for heroes like you’ve never read before, this extraordinary boxed set is sure to satisfy every readers’ craving for the ultimate in historical Viking romance.

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Reviews For The EMERALD ISLE TRILOGY Boxed Set:
"Absolutely delicious, the EMERALD ISLE TRILOGY is an exciting series of books you do not want to miss. The first two books, RAELIKSEN and MAC LIAM, will pick you up and set you into a distant era, bringing the people and the places to vibrant life right before your eyes. You cannot help empathizing with the characters as you feel what they are experiencing. Unlike these two stories, the third one, THE FALL OF RAIN is set in a contemporary setting and wraps up the series beautifully as the past and the present unite. Renee Vincent is a gifted author who infuses her stories with sexy Vikings, humor, passion, surprising plot twists, secrets, danger, complex characters, romance, love and even reincarnation. The EMERALD ISLE TRILOGY is an ingenious series that is sure to leave readers clamoring for more stories by this extraordinary author. This set is one you will want to read again and again. If you are a lover of romance, be sure to pick up this set! In my opinion, these books are unparalleled for reading satisfaction."
5 Blue Ribbons ~ Romance Junkies

"Everyone once in a while an author comes along who can tell a story like no other, and Renee Vincent is one of those authors. Her lush descriptions of setting, her attention to historical detail, all weave together into a story of love, lust, and yes, even a man's faith in God. To take a story to places where some authors would only dare to go--and to take a risk on telling the story as it was meant to be told, even if it is against the norm, takes both courage and skill.

The Emerald Isle Trilogy is a deep, intense, and powerful story of love in a time of hardship. It is a story of love that crosses over the boundaries of life and death, and even time. I guarantee you will never forget the characters, and you will never forget how they lived and loved. Renee Vincent tells the story of Daegan and Mara from her heart. I highly recommend."
5 Stars ~ Fiction Witches

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